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On Monday’s newscast, Minister of Education Patrick Faber raised everyone’s eyebrows when he extended his personal congratulations to newly elected Belize National Teacher’s Union Senator Elena Smith on her victory at last Thursday convention. Now, we all know that the BNTU and Faber have had a testy relationship for almost the entire time Faber has served as Minister of Education. In his interview with the media, Faber placed the difficult time squarely on the leadership of Luke Palacio and alluded to expecting better days under Smith. Today while appearing on Krem Radio morning show both the Senator and the outgoing President made it clear that Faber should not be rejoicing as much as he is.

The infamous Yo Creek road has tonight claimed another life, the second since the start of 2017. The incident occurred shortly after five o’clock this evening just a short distance away from Cuello’s Distillery on the Yo Creek road. The victim, identified as sixty year old Miguel Soliz, was reportedly traveling in this white jeep Cherokee heading towards August Pine Ridge, where he lives, when he apparently lost control of the vehicle, causing it to flip several times and landed on the opposite side of the road. Soliz apparently died on impact after receiving various head and body injuries and was trapped in the vehicle and personnel from the Orange Walk fire department had to pry it open in order to get Soliz out. Forty six year old Gildardo Balam who was also traveling in the vehicle at the time of the incident was transported to the northern Regional Hospital, complaining of pain to his neck.

And while Minister Faber speaks of smoother times between him and the BNTU, his actions say something else, as his Ministry is moving full steam ahead with their controversial plans to pay out nearly $1m to teachers who chose to attend classes instead of join the strike led by the BNTU last October. In media interviews yesterday, Faber went on heavy defensive mode and took on the critics of the million dollar honorarium proposed by him and supported by Cabinet. Faber walked back on earlier statements when he explained that the purported million dollars was an exaggeration.

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Robbers escaped with over two hundred thousand dollars in a heist at Heritage Bank in Orange Walk on April fifth, 2011. Two of three men, entered the bank and asked to speak to the loan officer, while the other waited outside. They were escorted to the office of Bank Manager, Samantha Carlos, who was held [...]

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There were three separate shootings in the Old Capital on Thursday night that has left one person dead and three others hospitalized. The first was the execution of forty-eight year old businessman and owner of Mobile Hardware Store, Jerminie Ellis McNab. Shortly before seven on Thursday night, McNab was inside his business on Curassow Street [...]

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Denys Barrow, attorney for King, says that it is quite the contrary. He explains that there would only be grounds for disqualification if King’s contract was directly linked to the public service. Barrow contends that there is no other law in Belize that disqualifies a public officer from being elected to office. Denys Barrow, [...]

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