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Charles Dickens lived and wrote in a time when the moral values were destructed, people had pure rights, the society was strictly commercialized and children were exploited. These processes were caused by industrialization and spread of colonialism. Human beings were ‘engines’ for production and were regarded only as commodity which could generate more profits. The structure of society was breaking up. All these changes in society make up the setting of Dickens novels. Like all his novels Great Expectations is a mirror of society. It is a story about young boy Pip who is an orphan child and lives with his sister. Pip the narrator tells us how Pip the character found out the truth about his great expectations and his journey from fairy tale to a nightmare.

Great Expectations by Charles Dickens is one of his most well-liked and well read novels. Charles Dickens’ other popular novels include David Copperfield, a tale of two cities and Oliver Twist. All the books are stories of boys; semi autobiographical in nature, Dickens drew inspiration from his experiences of life and with people.

A great expectations would be of help to students who are required to write essays on English literature. It’s about a young mans expectations from life, his tryst with destiny. His meeting with Miss Havisham, his encounters with Estella and his involvement with Magwitch all form the story line. The character building and the progression of the story are all unique to Charles Dickens. One sympathizes with Pip, over his trials and tribulations and his infatuation with Estella, his dreams, his total turnover as a person and finally his coming together with his love.

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Criticism "Great Expectations" Charles Dickens' Great Expectations, published in book form in 1861, is considered by many to be one of the greatest works of Victorian fiction. It is through the use of characterization and imagery that Dickens is able to make his ideas most prominent in the minds of readers. Through his expert use of these authorial techniques, Dickens successfully criticizes the prison system, the morals of society, and the social injustice of his time. In the novel, Dickens takes an innocent young orphan boy through childhood and on through adulthood showing the lasting effects of the transition. The novel begins in a marshy cemetery with Pip, a lonely orphan boy who lives with his sister and her husband Joe Gargery. While Pip is curiously studying "five little stone lozenges" (Dickens 9), an escaped convict approaches him and demands that Pip gets him a file and some whittles. Being scared of the man, Pip does as he asks. As Pip grows older, he forgets about Joe and the convict and becomes closely aquatinted with Miss Havisham and her adopted daughter Estella. He soon becomes infatuated with their lifestyle and Estella's beauty. As Pip continues his expectations, he comes into the possession of money from an anonymous benefactor and changes into an egotistical snob and develops selfish dreams for the future. It is not until his benefactor, the convict who is Magwitch and also the father of Estella, is revealed that Pip begins to change himself. His goodness seems to return and he eventually find true happiness in the meaning of life. It is through each of these characters that Dickens not only shapes the plot of the novel around, but also as tools to express his ideals of the time. Dickens literary craft is shown in the fact that he creates a believable world in which Pip lives that the reader can relate to. The reader is taken to Victorian England and allowed to experience the emotions and occurre...

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Pope John Paul I described Dickens' books as "filled with love for the poor and a sense of social regeneration . . . warm with imagination and humanity". Such true charity permeates Dickens' novels and ultimately drives the characters either to choose regeneration or risk disintegration. In Great Expectations, Pip — symbolic of the pilgrim convert — gains both improved fortunes and a growth in wisdom, but as he acquires the latter, he must relinquish the former — ending with a wealth of profound goodness, not of worldly goods.

... Charles Dickens's Great Expectations. One of the few characters who remains stationary throughout the novel is Herbert Pocket, the dearest friend of Philip Pirrip, also known as Pip, the main character of the book. Herbert is the epitome of a steadfast friend ...

Great expectations essay topics could be about any thing related to the book and its author Charles Dickens.

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With Great Expectations Dickens strongly criticizes three social problems that afflict Victorian England: the treatment of children, the injustice of the social class structure and the inhumanity of government and Law. In the authors time children were objectified as a virtually cost free commodity of labor to support the industrial revolution. Dickens expresses criticism of the abuse of children in Britain through characterization in Great Expectations. The most poignant example of this is the storys protagonist Phillip Pirrip, referred to throughout the novel as Pip. Pip portrays the abuse of children through example. During childhood he receives...