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Tips for writing effective narrative and descriptive essays:

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...Writing a Descriptive Essay Directions An essay has the same elements as a well-written paragraph. A paragraph has a topic sentence; an essay has a thesis statement. A paragraph is developed with supporting statements; an essay has three paragraphs based on the thesis statement's supporting ideas. A paragraph has a concluding sentence; an essay has a concluding paragraph. An introduction does two things: it gets your reader's attention, and it presents the thesis statement. The thesis statement identifies the topic of the essay. Look at the introductions below Example #1 If we were to place the body of every teenager who died in an alcohol-related accident in the last five years endto-end, the line would circle the globe three times. Every year, hundreds of teenagers lose their lives because of drunk drivers. Driving drunk is a growing problem in our society, and the consequences are great. Example #2 Hundreds of teenagers lose their lives because of drunk drivers. It is a problem that affects students in every school in America. Driving drunk is a growing problem in our society because more and more teens are drinking and then driving without considering the serious consequences that could result from their actions. These consequences include financial burdens, sorrow caused to those losing loved ones, and the senseless reduction of our greatest natural resource: our young people. Which introduction catches your interest and pulls you into the text...

...Yakira Spurlock February 12, 2015 Freshmen Composition Descriptive Essay There has never been a place that I have been that makes me feel as loved as I do when I’m home. Childhood memories always play in my head whenever I’m at home. Growing up as child in my home with my lovely mother and sisters also play a big role on what homes really means to me. My house is a place that holds rich significance to me. Living in Donaldsonville La, was not always the safest area to live in. I can remember being 5yrs old and my mother would make me and my sisters play inside because of violence in my city. We would run around my house playing hide and go seek as if there were many places to hide. We would hide underneath our beds, inside our closets, and in our storage room. Running around the house also caused me to have some accidents. Some of my deepest scars come from playing games with my sisters around the house. Even the scars I had were special because I knew that I was at home and I would be alright. The moments we shared as sisters in the house were special because it created this bond between the three of us that we still share today. My great Grandmother came to live with us when I turned 12 so we can take good care of her. She had her very own room and my sisters and I would always go in there so she can tell us stories about her childhood. Unfortunately, not all times I had in my house were so great. When I was about 14 granny started to get sick and she eventually...

...Alshae January 6, 2012 Descriptive Essay I slowly awoke to the hot sun beating down on me. As I started to get up gradually I realized I was on a beach and the only sense I had was my sight. I saw the beautiful calm water splashing up against the rocks, pink sand, trees blowing in the wind, and birds flying around. I took a walk around the beach to see if there was anybody else here on the beach with me, but to my surprise I was the only one there. I found the closest boulder and decided to take a seat. I started to wonder how I got there and why I am the only one on the beach during a beautiful day like this. I began looking at the scenery thinking to myself how beautiful the water is and how clear the sky was. I saw birds flying around wondering what types of noises they were making. The longer I sat there the longer I also wondered what happened to my hearing and why I couldn’t feel anything. I got up and started heading back to my belongings which had been placed underneath a tree in the shade. Halfway to the tree I realized I felt the soft pink sand going in between my toes. I suddenly became excited and ran toward the water to see if I was really able to feel things again. Once I got to the water I walked in anxiously. The water was warm! I was thrilled! I didn’t know what to do so I jumped in and went for a swim. I swam for what had felt like hours I was so relieved that I was able to feel again when I decided to come out of the water I was all wrinkled...

Here are a few recommendations for producing a descriptive essay.

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Descriptive Essay - At the Beach Everyone has a place where they go to escape all the pressures and worries of life. There is always that one spot that can soothe all your problems and troubles in times of stress. For me, the beach is the ultimate cure to all of my problems. While I am there, all of my obligations are suddenly erased. As I stroll along I can feel the soft smooth sand beneath my feet. I am taken in by the soothing atmosphere that surrounds me. I let myself absorb the intense rays of the sun on a scorching summer day.

Writing a descriptive essay can be a daunting task when you’re struggling with the topic, unsure of how to incorporate the senses into your chosen topic, how to help paint an even more vivid picture of your topic, or how to hook your audience to entice them to read and remember your essay. However, it doesn’t have to be. With the information and links provided in this article and the help from some , your next descriptive essay writing experience should be a breeze.

Descriptive essays about a person are a very common type of descriptive essay as well. The following are great examples:

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Beginning a descriptive narrative essay is much like any other essay in that you need to capture the reader’s attention. The best way to do that is with an “attention grabber” sentence. This should be the first sentence and should evoke feelings in your reader that makes them want to continue reading. Next you need to introduce the topic, whether it’s a memory, object, person, or place, you need to establish the topic and why it’s relevant without giving away all the exciting information. To follow the topic, you need to include a description of the topic and why it may be relevant or interesting to the reader. Remember to keep it exciting while not giving away all the information in order to keep the reader interested and continuing to read.