There aremany homeless people out on the streets of the large cities in

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The names of homeless people mentioned in this story have been changed to protect their privacy.

No one knows what can happen in the future and what kind of tricks can the fate play on us. No one is secured of becoming homeless as most of homeless were once successful, had houses and families. Poverty is closely related to homelessness as those who become homeless have a real problem of poverty. In the same way poor people cannot pay for services like health care, education, food, and housing. It is housing that usually takes the greatest part of income, so being poor means being ill and without shelter. Poverty and homelessness are considered to be the issues of the unfortunate and underprivileged people of the developing or Third World countries. This predicament is really very alarming as every day hunger takes away lives. People who are on the line of poverty become involved into hooliganism, thefts and other crimes, and that, of course, finds its reflection in the crime range (Homelessness and Poverty, Social Ills That Need Treatments).

I would like to conclude by saying homeless people need our help to get back on their feet and become a part of our society again. As mayor that would be my main priority to prevent and cease homelessness by New Beginnings. Homeless people need the care from the rest of the society to give the little bit of hope to continue trying to change their life. I believe this can help and change the life of the ones doing it tough on the streets, they are a part of our society and they need help, love and hope.

In Medieval times it was believed that the poor were the missionary of the God. In order to be blessed the rich gave money to beggars. After the merchants counted the number of beggars, the population rethought the attitude and decided that not all poor can be missionaries of the God. In the days of the Knights it was stated that a poor person was lazy. In the Elizabethan time the attitude was not different. Even in the cave man time misspending of the tiger tooth skins was punished. Poverty and homelessness are results of human misery as humans place market value higher than human worth. Views and attitudes to homelessness and poverty have changed over time. Since the twenty-first century they are recognized as results of structural flaws in society (The Nature of Homelessness - Historical Attitudes Toward the Homeless – People, Programs, Poverty, and Laws).

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Thank you god finally, what every single homeless person would say after a night like that, the Related GCSE Writing to Inform, Explain and Describe essays.

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According to the City of ville’s “10 Year Plan to End Homelessness,” “there is an epidemic of homelessness in our country-and in our community. More than 1,074 citizens were counted as homeless in ville and land County on a given day” (2008 Point in time Survey). The number of homeless people in our community is ridiculous. Living on the streets not only impacts the homeless negatively but also us as a society and our economy. There are many reasons on how a person can end up homeless. Lack of education, substance abuse, and the downward fall of our economy are just a few of many ways one could become homeless.

The seeming unity of the homeless organizations may have been more situational than real, however. Most of the food delivery organizations are Christian groups, pledged to helping the homeless, whatever their circumstances. Most shelter operators, on the other hand, oppose tolerating or aiding encampments. Instead they want to see street people indoors, where they can benefit from treatment for their various afflictions and apply for jobs and the like. Under pressure from the scandal of the murders, Rawlings may have been predisposed to clearing Tent City because of his time at , whose COO, Sam Merten, denounces aid and improvement to encampments as “enabling homelessness.”

According to the , over 610,042 people experience homelessness on any given night in the US.

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These laws that are recently in effect are not only immoral, but also violate the basic American rights. For instance, when begging or panhandling is made illegal, it violates the First Amendment component of Free Speech. The First Amendment protects the communication of ideas, so when a homeless person is asking for money, they are simply communicating their needs to another person and communicating to them that they need help. To say they can’t do so is unconstitutional. Another example is when sweeps of “homeless camps” destroy their personal property or searches and seizures of their belongings infringe upon the Fourth Amendment. Even though they are homeless they still have the constitutional right to be free from unreasonable searches and seizures without probable cause. It is also unconstitutional to criminally punish a homeless person for performing life activities in public space. It violates the Eighth Amendment; the right to be free from cruel and unusual punishment, since they have nowhere else to do these activities. Some of these laws which weren’t originally targeted towards homeless people are now being used against the homeless and are being enforced by the standards of the law. This is wrong because the punishment must fit the crime and punishing homeless people for performing life activities is cruel considering they have nowhere else to do them. Being homeless is not against the law, but doing everything that’s necessary to live on the streets is illegal, so what are the millions of homeless people supposed to do?

Free cause and effect essay sample on causes of homelessness: Go find yourself a job is a regular phrase homeless people hear. However, this advice is pointless.

There are many other solutions to cleaning up our streets, instead of just shoving the filth into a corner and making it seem like the problem is solved when really, it’s been made worse. Instead of prohibiting homeless activities and spending money to criminally punish them for simply making do with their situation, shelters could be built and day centers could be created to give them something to do during the day since homeless shelters are closed. Volunteers could help them apply for Social Security, food stamps, or income tax. Perhaps the people of our communities, churches, or schools, could lend a hand by volunteering to help these less fortunate people. Then the American citizens can truly understand why these Anti-Homeless Laws are wrong. These laws punish innocent and harmless people and are completely ludicrous. By volunteering and building more shelters and day centers, it will help them through the hard times in their life and get them onto their feet instead of letting them drown in a pool of discrimination and animosity directed towards them by the local government and even the people of our great states, simply because they’re down on their luck.