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The essay was favourably reviewed in , but an editorial against the essay appeared in . From there it proved to be influential, and other writers came out in support of such views: Lionel Tollemache wrote in favour of euthanasia, as did , the essayist and reformer who later became involved with the , considering it a duty to society to "die voluntarily and painlessly" when one reaches the point of becoming a 'burden'. analyzed the issue in May 1873, assessing both sides of the argument. Kemp notes that at the time, medical doctors did not participate in the discussion; it was "essentially a philosophical enterprise ... tied inextricably to a number of objections to the Christian doctrine of the sanctity of human life".

LEGAL AND EThICAL IssUEs Of EUThANAsIA: ARGUmENTATIvE EssAy against it, with opinion support The Israeli and Jewish laws consider euthanasia as illegal.

The most popular persuasive essay template is the five-paragraph method. Below is an example outline which you can use in your own essay-writing. To illustrate further, let’s assign the issue of supporting Euthanasia as the main topic.

THE ETHICS OF EUTHANASIA This 3-page paper is an essay supporting euthanasia, under certain circumstances. Bibliography lists 3 sources.

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