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The section below explains the importance of teamwork at the workplace in detail.

We have seen that teamwork is when a group of people work together with the aim of attaining a common goal. Teamwork is important because it helps to achieve synergy. The total output of the team is sure to exceed the sum of the contributions of individual members. It will result in the creative cooperation of the members of the team in a bid to realize something that would be beyond the capacities of individual members if they worked alone. By evaluating each other’s thinking members of the team will be in a position to avoid making many errors. Mutual support coupled with peer review when it comes to the ideas strengthens the team’s decision making process (Lussier & Achua, 2009).

Teams also contribute to innovation and continuous improvement. Team members tend to feel a greater sense of satisfaction with their jobs. Teamwork speeds up the decision making as well as innovation. It also provides much needed immunity against any disruptive forces. Teams create a working environment that encourages the members to be empowered and self-motivated. It makes them satisfied with their jobs and the consequence will be positive organizational outcomes. By being a member of a given team, one increases the chances of satisfying more needs than if they worked on their own. In a team, the needs of security, affiliation, self-fulfillment and self-esteem will all be met. The team members develop a sense of trust and, at times, they will see the team as an important unit capable of fulfilling other needs (Lussier & Achua, 2009).

Teams are important as they ensure that there is flexibility at the workplace. If one member happens to be absent or ill, their work can easily be covered by other members. People can also be trained to do a variety of jobs. The morale and spirit of an individual can also be boosted if he is part of a team. Teamwork facilitates specialization as team members are assigned tasks that they can perform most efficiently. The mixture of talents in the team also offers a variety of expertise and abilities (On the Team 2010).

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Team work can lead to unequal participation whereby some members may simply sit back and let others do a lot of the work. Some members may also prefer to work alone and, thus, they may not make the best team players. Creative thinking may also be limited by teamwork. The employees may reserve their ideas because they are engrossed in work for the overall good of the organization. The team can also take a longer period of time to produce the desired result (Joseph).

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Teamwork and its importance is ingrained in us right from childhood. Children are often taught to work and share, and play together. At school, students are taught to work on projects together or play a sport as a team. Even marriage, in a way, is believed to be a team effort, an effort to coexist in harmony. Also, as said above, 'fitting in the team' is constantly expected even at workplaces. So, why is teamwork so important? Here's why.

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The benefits of working in teams are learning to trust, to take decisions and risks, discovering innate leadership qualities, and cooperating to bring out the best in you. In school, teamwork depends on the way education is being imparted. Educators who encourage students to work collaboratively on academic projects, and at the same time stress upon achieving good grades, are good at promoting the importance of working in teams. This helps children cooperate in order to develop their personal skills and gain knowledge.

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The next reason why I claims that teamwork is so important, would be the “Idea generation”. Nowadays, team in workplace often sit together and discuss how to solve a company’s issue. When teamworks and well-relationships is maintained in a team, it allows members to feel more comfortable in offering suggestions and opinions. Therefore, company will receives benefits from the varieties of suggestions that provided by effective team.