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The lower people’s economic levels, the less connected they are to others – through family, social groups and organizations, faith communities, etc.; the less convinced they are of their ability to control their situations and their lives, the greater the likelihood that they’ll experience more health problems than those in the society who fare better in those categories.

Just as there are factors relating to individuals that may contribute to or help to solve the problem you’re concerned with, there are also factors within the community environment that may do the same. These might include the availability or lack of services, information, and other support; the degree of accessibility and barriers to, and opportunities for services, information, and other support; the social, financial, and other costs and benefits of change; and such overarching factors as poverty, living conditions, official policy, and economic conditions.

Now that you’re convinced that addressing the social factors that cause or influence community health and development issues is important, how do you go about doing so? There are really two parts to addressing social determinants. The first is identifying how various social factors affect the issue you’re concerned with, and the second is developing and implementing an action plan based on an understanding of how, and from what angle, to approach them successfully in order to change the way the issue plays out in the community and, ultimately, resolve the problem.

So this section explains what analyzing community problems is about, and why it can be helpful -- and then how to do it.

The community that unites people who live within one geographical district is called territorial community. The community on interests unites people that have common problems (such as disabled children) or people who have common interests, social connection or characteristics. The communities on ethnic or national attributes also belong to this group. American definition of the community emphasizes that it is “a group of individuals or families” which members share certain values or have common interests, use the same services or organizations, or live within one district [2].

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The idea of community has been put forward recently as the answer to problems of modern society and shows crisis of modern state. Similar tendencies are observed all over the world. The national states are not perceived as the formations that are able to satisfy all requirements of their citizens. People try to realize themselves in small groups which meet their requirements. And more than that, people all over the world consider public services to have bureaucratism and low efficiency. In Great Britain there is a law that regulates mutual relations in granting the help in the community. According to this it is possible to involve non-state organizations in granting services that should be given by state organizations.

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1. The community life provides the individual the needed protection and security. There is strength in unity. The individual is better equipped to face dangers and overcome problems with the due assistance of the other members of the community than alone.

As Louis Wirth observes, “In the transition from a type of social organisation based on kinship, status and a crude division of labour, to a type of social organisation characterised by rapid technological developments, mobility, the rise of special interest groups and formal social control, the community has acquired new meaning and has revealed new problems” One of the main problems mercilessly imposed by the modern complex urban community is the problem of the mental disorder. Cases of mental disorder are higher in cities.

6. Find any relationships that exist among the problem you’re concerned with and others in the community.

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When analyzing real community problems, the analysis may show multiple reasons behind the problem. The analysis may not always be easy. The solution may be more difficult still.

Community Problem Solving Drug abuse among teens is an ongoing concern of the community and law enforcement. The drugs are not always bought on the

What do you conclude? We hope you'll find some value in analysis. We do know that when we have tried this method with real problems in our own communities, we have drawn some additional conclusions of our own, going beyond the basics:

Community Problems essaysThere are many aspects that can bring communities together and also tear them apart

Whether the problem involves individual behavior or community conditions, each individual affected by it brings a whole collection of knowledge (some perhaps accurate, some perhaps not), beliefs, skills, education, background, experience, culture, and assumptions about the world and others, as well as biological and genetic traits. Any or all of these might contribute to the problem or to its solution…or both.