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So many have already been lost. This month Kip Kinkel was sentenced to life in prison in Oregon for the murders of his parents and a shooting rampage at his high school that killed two students. A psychiatrist who specializes in the care of adolescents testified that Kinkel, now 17, had been hearing voices since he was 12. Sam Manzie is also 17. He is serving a 70-year sentence for luring an 11-year-old boy named Eddie Werner into his New Jersey home and strangling him with the cord of an alarm clock because his Sega Genesis was out of reach. Manzie had his first psychological evaluation in the first grade.

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III. Kips family treated him very different than they did his sister. Even though kip came from a loving home his parents expected a lot from him. They wanted kip to be perfect, the kinkel family was very athletic, but kip was not and they used to push him to try harder. Also Kip was very small, and did not have many friends since he lived in the country. Kip got involved with the wrong crowd, and started doing very bad things. The things that Kips friends introduced him to took kip on the wrong path.

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He even told the psychologist that he could not eat, and food did not taste good. Kip’s obsession with Romeo and Juliet, and he wrote the essay about how he knows how Romeo feels to be lonely and out of place, also he writes about death. Later when all the kids were talking about school shootings kip said he would take a lot of people and he would shoot himself. Also kip gets caught with a gun at school, and gets expelled, also kip said he liked to detonate the bombs because it released his stress these are all red flags that kip was not in the best state of mind.

One of the smaller reasons that effected Kip was the somewhat confusing messages that his parents gave him as a child about guns. Kip had always as a child had a fascination with guns and explosives, but according to his sister there was a absolutely no violence policy in the Kinkel household, which forced Kip to his explosives and information from other sources. On Kip’s 12th birthday, his father gave in and Kip received a riffle from his father as a gift. From then on, Kip and his father would go to the back fields and do target practice. From age 12 and on Kip kept receiving guns from his father, but he also got them on his own.

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Kip becomes obsessed with a girl from school and says that she is the only one for him, but the girl just led kip on and then broke him down, and he was suffering from a broken heart. He loved Romeo and Juliet which he was watching in English class, where for the essay on his test he writes about how he wants to kill someone, and about death. There were a lot of people who were talking about school shootings in Oregon, and kip said that if he were to be the one shooting he would take a lot of people with him, and he would shoot himself.

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Incarceration may not have been the been conclusion for the crimes that Kip committed. All of the things he did were because of his of his psychological problems that were caused from the social and biological aspects of his life growing up, and that were mistreated. If Kip had been better treated medically, the shootings may have not happened. Kip Kinkel is just the severe victim of his disorders, not just a cold hearted killer.

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