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This article advocates a more comprehensive understanding of job performance and organizational citizenship behavior (OCB) than that employed by earlier researchers on those topics. Using the intellectual heritage of the word “citizenship” from political philosophy and related disciplines, OCB is positioned as the organizational equivalent of citizen responsibilities, of which there are three categories: obedience, loyalty, and political participation. Two other key citizenship concepts, relational ties and citizen rights, are described, and a set of ten research propositions is offered relating the citizenship concepts to one another. Suggestions for other areas of investigation are also provided. Finally, the advantages of using OCB as a global measure of individual behavior at work are defended.

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Today, organizational behavior scientists are dealing with a wide range of problems confronting the business world. For instance, they continue to study downsizing, career development in the global economy, social issues such as substance abuse and changes in family composition, and the global economy. They are trying to determine just what effects such factors are having on the workplace and what can be done to alleviate associated problems.

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Organizational behavior scientists performed extensive studies on company cultures and climates with an eye to upgrading employees' quality of life in the workplace. They have sought ways to include more people in the managerial and decision-making processes. Their suggestions have included such techniques as and participative management programs.

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From the description given on the characteristics of the employees at XYZ, it is obvious employee engagement does not exist in the slightest way resulting sales drops caused by poor performance. Employee engagement is described in the book Organizational Behavior by McShane, S. L. , Glinow, M. A. V. , Sharma, R. R. (2008) that the concept refers to, “Employees’ emotional and cognitive (rational) motivation, their ability to perform their jobs, their possessing a clear understanding of the organization’s vision and their specific roles in that vision and a belief that they have been given the resources to get their jobs done”.

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learning organizational behaviors of the service technicians; this allows for my manager to have a better understanding for who will be the best fit for our customers. By knowing how each person works within the department will allow for new hires to have a more compatible trainer, who can teach them on the processes and procedure for working offshore. When the concept of organizational behavior is grasped the next asset which is needed for development and growth is organizational culture…

After a lengthy hiring process, you have been hired as a consultant for NoJax Inc. NoJax is an upstart sports apparel company that has been growing quickly. Their senior management team needs an outside, objective eye to analyze the organizational behavior of the business. Start by viewing the and then write a report to ownership that provides an initial analysis of the business and completes the requirements below.

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According to Appelbaum managers should take into consideration organization's behavior during and after a merger. Many merger and acquisition failures can be attributed to lack of proper organizational behavior analysis. One of the negative effects on employees' behavior during and after a merger is that it can lead to insecurity and uncertainty among employees (Appelbaum, 2000). During a merger the management should address the impact it would have on the employees and offer support and encouragement to the employees, analyzing attitudes, values and people's behaviors and how they are affected by the environment.

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The organization will need to analyze planning, organizing, leading and controlling. Analyze job functions, allocation of resources, and work flow procedures. Train the employees to remain focused and reassuring them of their job security will help in creating stability and continuation. Control refers to the management's subjective and objective assessment of the success of goals. The management should realize that there is a need to address fear for change. Appelbaum et al. (2000) recommends three approaches in addressing organization behavior during a merger, communication, corporate culture and change.

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possible that may have prevented the downward spiral of the overall store performance. The solutions that can have provided rely on the factors that need to be addressed during the problem analysis of this paper. It was previously referenced that the main problems refers to several core concepts of organizational behavior, which consist of motivation, leadership, and power. Motivation may be the first obvious notion that is expressed. As John Timmson’s motivation varies quite differently than that