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That was touching but also helpful! I had to write an essay on how my dad influences me and your ideas were just the inspiration i needed to start writing! Thanks for posting it!

It's a great essay. I just wonder a bit when I read your first sentence of the opening part: "It is true that new technologies have had an influence on communication between people". As far as I know, 'between' is used when we talk about 2 people or objects whereas, from my understanding, you are mentioning about more than 2, meaning that 'among' should be used instead.

Finally, your introduction mentions your passion for helping others as something influenced by your sister. I think you need to either delete that or else say something more about it elsewhere in your essay.

737. Write an essay on how young people’s behaviour is influenced by their peers. What are the advantages and disadvantages of this?

Having said that all, now come to the specific writing task about a persuasive person. Everyone has a mentor in his or her life. Mentors often times create an influence and the most common of them is the character of a loving parent. While writing your essay about the dominant persons in your life and portraying your parents in a leading role can be easy. You can start your essay by saying

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To write an impressive copy, choosing a topic and making a thesis acceptable are traits that you have already learnt during your coursework. Narrating about the personality traits of an influential person is a bit awesome task. If that person who made an influence on your life is also a reader of your essay then it will be a delicate endeavor. You can make that very person happy or angry through your words. It is very much advisable to learn the art of wordsmithing before putting pen to this sort of an attempt.

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To meet up this requirement you can start your essay by putting some personal experiences. For example, you can write about the day when you first bought your cycle with your mother and father. You can explain your feelings of joy and happiness. In another other cases, you can write about the turning point in your life. How a person impacted on you to turn you up and changed your life. This can be the most influential person that makes you a successful and useful human being. If you understand this point, you can craft an impressive copy that can change others’ lives.

You can portray your mother, father, teacher, friend, or any other helping hand that came in your life, as the main character of this essay. You also can title your paper as the most important person in my life essay. You also can meet up with your requirements of on this particular topic. Your endeavor for submitting a a href="/cms-paper/">cms paper, a or acceptable to your professor can also be fulfilled if you follow our simple writing tips on the subject of the most influential person in my life essay.

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Have you ever been influenced by some important person that helped you be the person that you are today? I have been. The people that have had influence on me are the most important humans beings, my family. But before I begin talking about my family, I want to describe to you the place that we spend most of the time together which also means something important to me and my family. This place is called the family room. This room is small but cozy. It is painted in white and has three windows decorated with beautiful curtains. By the windows you can appreciate a nice view of some beautiful trees and a nice pool. On the walls there are some family like the ones that show where my brothers and I were born, my graduation photo, some photos like my grandparents, and some paintings made by one of my brothers. Also inside this room there is a nice home theater that includes a nice stereo and TV, and a new compact computer. But this is not all, this room has some very comfortable furniture and I can say that they are comfortable because I use them to watch TV, a movie, or just sit and rest. Also the furniture is used by my brothers to sit and play nitendo, to study, or play with the computer. But from all this furniture there is one that is the most cozy chair that I have ever sat upon and that is my father's chair. So this is our room, which is very important to us and has a lot of special things, but the most special part of this room is when it brings my family together.

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6. "She is the kind of person that will make sure everyone else is taken care of before she is." This sentence would be okay if the sentence following it began with the words "For example." Remember, however, that you are writing an essay entitled "A Significant Influence," not one entitled "All the Things That Make My Mom Great"; i.e., you need to focus on the question of influence.

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8. "She has made the person I am today." Strictly speaking, this might be true, especially considering the dropped "me." Seriously speaking, it's another meaningless cliche. Besides, that would be a nice thing to say about your mom only if you can establish that the person you are today is a truly wonderful or brilliant person, and establishing that might distract you from your main purpose in the essay. Insofar as you are writing about your mom’s influence on you, however, you should say something specific about you to clarify the nature of that influence. You begin to do this in the next sentence.